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Abby Trainor

My name is Abby Trainor, I am the current President of the Construction Management Club. I have grown up in a construction family from New Hampshire, having been on residential building sites with my dad since I was three. Through out high school I was actively involved in any and all construction courses offered, as well as being the leading student advocate for our woodworking programs as they were shut down in my local high schools. I firmly believe in vocational education as an incredible asset to everyone in the room. I have loved my time here at Wentworth so far, holding deans list status through all of my current semesters! I spend a lot of my time here on campus working with fellow students helping to get the most out of our department and university. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever need help in a course or have anything you’d like to see from the CM club, I’m here to help!

Meredith Borden

I am Meredith Borden, a Construction Management student with a concertation in Facilities Management, class of 2023. My role within the CM Club is Vice President of Facility Management. I joined to make connections with other students and professionals. I hope to engage other students with CM and introduce them to new opportunities. I am a member of IFMA Boston, and I have worked with Compass Project Management since high school. A fun fact about me is I have traveled to 36 states

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Chaise Kakuk

My name is Chaise Kakuk. I am from Southern California, studying Construction Management at WIT and playing college volleyball. I am the current Vice President of Construction Management. I joined the club to optimize my college experience and connect with students in my major. Construction is such a unique industry with so many impact points. I am passionate about this industry and my University’s program. I love helping students and generating ideas for the club!



My name is Michael Deodato, I am a sophomore in Construction Management, Real Estate Development concentration with a Business Management minor. My role is the Associate Vice President of Real Estate for the club. I joined the Cm club because it is a great way to learn, network and meet fellow peers.  I am eager to help further participation in the club.  

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Mike Deodato


Mohammed Dib

My name is Mohammed Dib and I am a Junior here at Wentworth. I am studying Construction Management and hold the title of Treasurer in the CM club. I decided to join the CM club to help do my part grow our Construction Management department and allow it the best it can be. One of the goals I am trying to help the club achieve is placing 1stin the CANstruction competition. 

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Alessandro Angelini

My name is Alessandro Angelini and I am an Secretary for the CM Club. I joined the club to meet other construction enthusiasts with different skills and backgrounds. In this way, opening a new door of opportunities in the industry. I traveled to the 2019 CMAA Conference in Orlando with the club and visited numerous job sites. I am excited about working with other members to keep offering and attending future events. These will further expand students’ knowledge and professional development while we enjoy and share meaningful experiences.

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Zack Grenier

My name is Zack Grenier and I am going to be a Junior this fall in Construction Management with a concentration in Facilities Management. I am the CM Club Director of Marketing. I really enjoyed my first year at Wentworth- I was involved with both the Construction Management Club and Mechanical Contractors Club from the start. 

I come from a trade background and have experience in the HVAC field, coming to Wentworth with real world experience definitely gave me an upper hand over my peers. Currently, I am an Assistant Project Manager Intern at a mechanical contracting company. 

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Luis Godoy

Hi! My name is Luis Godoy and I am a Construction Management major. I serve as the Director of Operations for the CM Club. I joined the CM club to network and to aid in making all of Wentworth’s CM students have an enjoyable experience while they pursue a higher education. Fun Fact: I am also a Student Athlete. My sport is Shotput/Throwing events for the Wentworth Track and Field Team.

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Adam O'Rourke

Hi! My name is Adam O'Rourke, and I am a Construction Management major w/ a Concentration on Facilities Management. I serve as the Associate Director of Marketing. I joined the club to make new friends, network, and jump start my future. My goals for the club are to better document events with photos, bring people in the major together, do whatever I can to better the club and myself, and to have a good time doing it.

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Nick Shurling

My name is Nick Shurling and I am a junior here at Wentworth. I am studying Construction Management and hold the title of Associate Secretary in the CM club. I decided to join the CM club to help do my part grow our Construction Management department and allow it the best it can be. 

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My name is Koko Lyon. I am a construction management student class of 2023, going the straight construction management route. I am the associate treasurer of the CM club. The CM club is great for opportunities of networking to help further your future career in the industry. It is a great way to travel to different conferences to learn more about construction management. It is also a great way to meet other CM students. If you ever need advice or help with CM, the club will always be there for you. 

joe trusdale.png

My name is Joe Truesdale. I am a Junior studying Construction Management with a concentration in Facilities Management. I am the Associate Director of Operations. I joined the CM club because I wanted to help with the excellent opportunities the club organizes and provides to members every semester. In my time on the E-Board I would like to see the club continue to grow in numbers and involvement. IFMA member.

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My name is Ryan Zuniga and I am the Assistant Director of Operations for the CM Club.

Joe Truesdale

Koko Lyon

Ryan Zuniga

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Lacey Douglass

My name is Lacey Douglass and I am an Assistant Director of Marketing for the CM Club. 

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My name is Addie Stifter and I am the Assistant Secretary of the CM Club.

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My name is Andre De Castro and I am the Assistant Treasurer of the CM Club.

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Mike D'Agostino

Mike D'Agostino is the Advisor to the CM Club. He is the Construction Management Program Administrator and teaches in the BSCM and MSCM Programs. He is an experienced construction manager with a background in sitework and development.  Mike is an Alumni of Wentworth, earning degrees in Building Construction Technology, Construction Management (BS), and a Masters of Science in Construction Management. Mike is also a Licensed Construction Supervisor.  

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Dr. John Cribbs

Dr. Cribbs is the faculty advisor to the CM Club. He is an Assistant Professor of Construction Management at Wentworth Institute of Technology and Associate Dean for the School of Management. Dr. Cribbs earned his PhD in Construction Management from the Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University. His interests lie at the intersection of technology, productivity and construction means and methods.

Addie Stifter

Andre De Castro