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Wentworth cm club e-board

meredith borden (1).png

Meredith Borden

My name is Meredith Borden I am the President of the CM Club. I am Construction Management student with a concertation in Facilities Management, class of 2023. I joined the CM club to make connections with students and professionals. I hope to engage other students with CM and introduce them to new opportunities. I am a member of IFMA Boston, AGC and CMAA.

Chaise Kakuk.jpg

Chaise Kakuk

My name is Chaise Kakuk. I am from Southern California, studying Construction Management at WIT. I am the current Vice President of Construction Management. I joined the club to optimize my college experience and connect with students in my major. Construction is such a unique industry with so many impact points. I am passionate about this industry and my University’s program. I love helping students and generating ideas for the club!


zach greig.png

Zack Grenier

Zack Grenier is a junior in Construction Management, concentrating in Facility Management and is currently the Vice President of Facility Management. Zack’s interest in construction started after enrolling in the HVAC shop at Greater Lowell Technical Highschool in Tyngsboro, MA. 

Zack has gone on to perform 3 co-op’s so far at Wentworth, working for a mechanical contractor, custom home builder, and general contractor. 

Zack is also an active member of the CM Club, and has attended conferences in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Nashville. 


Mike Deodato

My name is Michael Deodato, I am a Junior in Construction 

Management, Real Estate Development concentration with a Business Management minor. My role is the Vice President of Commercial Real Estate for the club. I joined the Cm club because it is a great way to learn, network and meet fellow peers.  I am eager to help further participation in the club.  

Koko Lyon.jpg

Koko Lyon

My name is Koko Lyon. I am a construction management student class of 2023, going the straight construction management route. I am the Treasurer of the CM club. The CM club is great for opportunities of networking to help further your future career in the industry. It is a great way to travel to different conferences to learn more about construction management. It is also a great way to meet other CM students. If you ever need advice or help with CM, the club will always be there for you. 

Adam O'Rourke.jpg

Adam O'Rourke

Hi! My name is Adam O'Rourke, and I am a Construction Management major w/ a Concentration on Facilities Management. I serve as the  Director of Operations. I joined the club to make new friends, network, and jump start my future. My goals for the club are to better document events with photos, bring people in the major together, do whatever I can to better the club and myself, and to have a good time doing it.

Nick Shurling.jpg

Nick Shurling

My name is Nick Shurling and I am a junior here at Wentworth. I am studying Construction Management and hold the title of Secretary of the CM club. I decided to join the CM club to help do my part grow our Construction Management department and allow it the best it can be. 


Liv Proctor_edited.png

Olivia Proctor

My name is Olivia Proctor I am the Associate Vice President of Construction management, I am also the President of Wentworth's Chapter of Sigma Lambda Chi, The International Construction Management Honor Society.  I enjoy being an officer in the CM Club and look forward interact with industry at every event.

Addie Stifter.jpg

Addie Stifter

My name is Addie Stifter and I am the Associate Vice President of Facilities Management and an active member of IFMA-Boston.

Andre De Castro.jpg

Andre De Castro

My name is Andre De Castro and I am the Associate Vice President of Commercial Real Estate for the CM Club.  I enjoy promoting my division to all CRE Students.

Ryan Zuniga.jpg

Ryan Zuniga

My name is Ryan Zuniga and I am the Associate Director of Operations for the CM Club.

Day Lee.jpg

DayLee Rivera

My name is DayLee Rivera I am a sophomore and I hold the position of Associate Director of Marketing with the club.


Tallah Ryan

My name is Tallah Ryan. I am from Waterford Connecticut, and I am a sophomore in the Construction Management program. I have learned so much in just these two years and am excited to grow in this field! I joined the club my freshman year to learn more about the program, make connections with my peers, fellow classmates, and people in the industry. I have really enjoyed Wentworth and the path that I am on!

Mike DAgostino (2).JPG

Mike D'Agostino

Mike D'Agostino is the Advisor to the CM Club. He is the Construction Management Program Administrator and teaches in the BSCM Program. He is an experienced construction manager with a background in sitework and development.  Mike is an Alumni of Wentworth, earning degrees in Building Construction Technology, Construction Management (BS), and a Masters of Science in Construction Management. Mike is also a Licensed Construction Supervisor and advisor to Wentworth's Omicron IV Chapter of Sigma Lambda Chi, International Construction Management Honor Society.  

john_cribbs-revised - Copy.png

Dr. John Cribbs

Dr. Cribbs is the faculty advisor to the CM Club. He is an Assistant Professor of Construction Management at Wentworth Institute of Technology and Associate Dean for the School of Management. Dr. Cribbs earned his PhD in Construction Management from the Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University. His interests lie at the intersection of technology, productivity and construction means and methods.


Mikayla Evangelista

My name is Mikayla Evangelista and I am the Assistant Director of Marketing. I’m from Peabody, Massachusetts and I am a freshman in the Construction Management program here at Wentworth. As a student who doesn’t have many connections in the construction world, joining the CM Club was the best decision I have ever made. Since the beginning of my freshman year, I have been involved in so many activities and given many opportunities to network. I can’t wait to grow with the club and help assist students, just like the members of this club did for me. 

William Maynard-Pimentel

Hey! My name is William Maynard-Pimentel. I am a freshman in Construction Management from the South Shore. I am the Assistant Secretary of the CM Club. I am also a member of the Wentworth Men's Tennis team. I became involved with the club because of all the additional opportunities that are gained through the construction industry. My goal as Secretary is to increase our student engagement along with building the CM community. I look forward to meeting fellow students and business professionals.  

Matthew Favazzo

My name is Matthew Favazzo. I am a freshman in Construction Management with a concentration in Commercial Real Estate. I hold the title of Assistant Treasurer for the CM Club. I am also a member of the Wentworth Baseball team! I joined the CM club during my first semester of freshman year because of all the amazing networking and academic opportunities that are provided. I look forward to working with you all in upcoming events and I strongly encourage everyone to get involved with the club!

Jackson Hinrichs

My name is Jackson Hinrichs; I am a freshman in Construction Management. My role is the Assistant Director of Operations. I joined the CM Club to connect with industry professionals and fellow CM students. I look forward to helping promote and grow the club during my time at Wentworth.       

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